Online College Degree: Do They Do The Job?

Online college degrees are becoming more and more popular. Why do people want to get a degree online? Well, usually it is the adult education group who is looking to advance their career through additional education. Will an online college degree do the job of getting you a better job?

Of course, there is no simple answer to this question, but basically, yes, an online degree often has the credibility needed to land you a better job. First, what do you want to get a degree in? Do a web search for “online college degree” and your chosen field. Then start narrowing it down. Have you ever heard of the universities or programs you’ve found? How long have they been around? What accreditation do they have?

Talk to your friends who are doing online college degrees. Most of us know someone who has at least taken some of their coursework online. Call the colleges, universities, business schools and vocational programs in your area. Find out what online options they offer.

Remember to ask about the school’s accreditation. Accreditation is a long process. Once a school is accredited, they have a reputation and standards that have been met and must be maintained to keep that status. Accreditation matters so much that you cannot get federal loans for student aid without it.

Accreditation may not matter for your purposes. Maybe you don’t need student loans. Maybe you just want to get the education and not worry about it. That is possible, especially with vocational schools and business schools. If your industry is more of a hands-on type of work where the ability to put your knowledge into practice is the most important thing, you may not need an accredited school.

If you’re working on a degree to improve your likelihood of a promotion with your current company or help your chances of getting a job with a company you want to work for, call their human resources department and ask them what schools they recommend for the required work. See if those schools offer online college degrees. Talk about them with the school advisor and your employer or human resources department.

Online college degrees are a good way to get ahead.