The 9 Best Foods I Experienced Abroad

On all my travels abroad I have encountered a lot of interesting and exotic cuisines. Although these days you can eat almost anything anywhere – the world is getting smaller – eating the local dishes still reigns supreme. In this article I discuss the 9 best food dishes I have experienced abroad. The list is in not particular order. As taste sensations differ wildly for dish to dish, it is almost impossible to rank them.

Panang Curry

I really like all the curries, from green to red, from yellow to massaman, but Panang Curry is my favorite. This curry is Malaysian in origin, however it is also served all across Thailand. The paste is made from chili pepper, garlic, peanuts – while determined by zingy herbs as coriander, lemongrass, galangal and cumin. The whole curry is then cooked with coconut milk and some fish sauce. Panang curry is served with chicken most of the time, but is also very suitable for beef or tofu.


This Peruvian dish (from Lima, to be precise), is a blend of South-American and Asian cuisine. Ceviche is basically fresh fish that is marinated overnight in lemon juice. Due to the acids from the lemon juice, the fish is “cooked” in a way that makes it meat tender and perfectly fit to eat. It taste great with onion and sweet Peruvian potato. I really like it as it is so different from other South American dishes in general, with its tangy twist.

Kao Soi

This a very good lunch dish from Northern Thailand and Myanmar. I remember it well that we ate it a lot when we were in Chiang Mai, me ordering 2 bowls as the portion were quite small. What makes Kao Soi so good is its tasty versatility. It is an egg noodle soup which can be combined with almost any kind of meat, fish or vegetarian supplement. The deep spices will make you regain your strength in no-time, and ready for another hike or just a good working streak.

Argentinian Steak

I admit, I am a bit of a carnivore. So, I really like steak with fries. The key is that the steak should be of high quality. In Argentina steak quality can vary wildly, so you should not go for the cheapest or tourist option. But, when you get a high quality piece, it will be the best steak in the world. So if you do not skimp on price you will have your pick in the big cities as Buenos Aires or Cordoba. The portions usually come in big size, as 500 grams is not uncommon.

Kobe Beef

It is generally believed that this beef is the one of the best in world. The Wagyu cattle from which it is made is famous very being treated extremely well. The Kobe kind of variety can only be called that way if the beef is from around Kobe province. Wagyu cattle are not allowed to be exported to other countries. Hence, it is very rare and expensive to eat their beef. I ate it while in Kyoto, it the experience is unlike other steaks I have eaten. It has a wonderful, very delicate flavor, much softer than other beef. I can recommend everyone to try it at least once in their lives, but bring your wallet. I paid around 50$ for 100 grams.