The Vibrant Capital of Formosa

When I visited Taipei, Taiwan for the first time… the best thing I liked about the city was the friendliness of Taiwanese. It is safe to travel around, a capital of rich Asian culture.

The capital of Taiwan (Republic of China) is located between the Central and Yangming Mountains on the northern part of the island.

Taipei is the largest city in Taiwan and as such serves as the center of government and finance for the country. The city is divided into twelve districts including both downtown and suburban areas.

The city of Taipei has a population of roughly 2.5-3 million people, but is an exceptionally safe and friendly place to visit.

Culturally the city is divided into two parts–East and West. The eastern side of the city is more modern with malls, boutiques, cafes, and upscale restaurants. The western side tends to cling to the old traditional Taipei way of life.

In the past 20 years, Taipei, Taiwan has transformed from a smelly, crowded place to a dynamic city with both beauty and modern convenience. During this time the city has experienced social, economic, and political changes.

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A Modern City

As the economy grew, the people realized that they could now afford a higher standard of living than what they were actually enjoying. So, new modernized apartment buildings were built. New restaurants were established. Beautiful landscaping turned once drab areas in places of beauty.

Taipei has much to offer for the tourist or visitor. The primary transportation methods around the city are bus, taxi, bicycle, metro, or inter-city trains.

Some of the landmarks and sights that you will want to make sure to see are Taipei 101 (the tallest skyscraper in the world), Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Zhongshan Park, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, National Theater Hall, National Taiwan University, and The Grand Hotel. There are also a wide variety of museums, galleries, parks, temples, shopping areas, and hot springs that are popular attractions.

There are a host of universities and language centers in Taipei, Taiwan. If you’re up to a little more learning you can take Chinese cooking classes or a tai chi class.

There are places to hike, cultural festivals, Chinese handicraft markets, and fascinating book stores to explore as well.

As safe as the city is (with virtually no violent crime at all) you would think that the nightlife here would be minimal and quite dull. Quite the contrary actually. Taipei has quite a selection of bars and clubs complete with live music and dancing.

Taiwan has long been known for taking great pains to preserve Chinese culture. They do so with much emphasis on education as well.

As the hub of Taiwan, Taipei is at the center of this cultural place. You will find it a very worthwhile place to visit.