Top Europe Destinations

Europe is a diverse land with a diverse culture. Consequently, it is one of the world’s prime tourist destination simply because it holds magnificence and magic that no other land can surpass. Not only that, Europe is home to amazing landscapes, white beaches, majestic castles and so much more. The rich history of Europe can be seen and felt up to this day in every natural highlight and attraction of the continent, creating more interest, especially with the learning-thirsty individuals. Thus, we invite you all in discovering more of the wonders and charm of this second-smallest continent in the globe.

Roma, Italy


Italy is one of the world’s most romantic places. The cities of Venice and Verona in the North-East make lovers fall under the spell of cupid that it is where marriage proposals are mostly made. Aside from that, Milan in Italy is known for its haute couture (leading establishments or designers that create exclusive fashions), paving the way for being a seat of timeless fashion, not only in Europe but in the world as well. For the culinary-interested traveler, the north-western part of Italy definitely offers so much since there are plenty of cooking styles in the area, making it a culinary paradise. Being a deeply-rooted Catholic country, Italy has a lot of grand and historic churches and cathedrals that even the casual tourist will not get bored. Indeed, traveling through Italy will certainly give you a taste of, “la vita Italiana” as the Italians call it.

The Best of Germany


Although Germany has had some drawbacks in its historical past, it is now more than ready to proudly face the world. Hence, it has opened its doors to welcome tourists and travelers to its fantastic attractions and natural wonders. And yes, Germany should be proud of its magnificence and might, in terms of enchanting landscapes, castles, cathedrals and popular landmarks. Plus, there is certainly something for everybody, whether for a casual or educational tourist when it comes to Germany’s holiday moments and colorful festivals. In fact, there will never be a boring time when you spend holidays in Germany. So make that vacation now, experience the sights and sounds that can only be found in amazing Germany.

The National Exposition, Switzerland


The enticement offered by the eye-catching attractions of Switzerland can never be resisted by any avid traveler. Although a small nation, it boasts of natural mountain peaks capped with white snow, panoramic glacier mountain peaks, natural lakes and of course, the magnificence provided by the Swiss Alps. A mountain peak called Jungfraujoch is named the “Rooftop of the Europe” because it rises at a height of about 11,333 feet. As such, there is an endless ski attraction waiting for every enthusiast of winter sports. Plus, the opportunity offered by a cable car journeying through 7000 feet up in the Swiss mountains is definitely adrenaline pumping! Truly, Switzerland is an irresistible travel destination in Europe.

Kunsthistorisches Museum at Maria-Theresa-Square


Another attractive European nation that seems to be in low profile these days is postcard country Austria. You probably have heard and read of its power during the past (which is true), but it remains to this day a very picturesque and wonderful land. Its rich culture and tradition are perfect to quench a traveler’s hunger for the almost forgotten values nowadays. An excellent place to start touring Austria is Vienna, which is populated with amazing architecture, wonderful galleries, and museums that will certainly enrich your knowledge of Europe’s rich history. There is also a popular skiing area in the Tirol region with Innsbruck at its center. So for the snow enthusiast and travelers who are hungry for cultural education, Austria is the place to be.