Wii VS Xbox VS Playstation

It has really been a while since we have heard anything from Nintendo looking to dominate again. Why is this exactly? I have no clue. But what I do know is that PlayStation and Xbox consoles have completely taken over. Well of course besides PC games (which is one of my favorites as you may know :))

I had a lot of fun with the Wii when it first came out. I still have fun with it. But where is the innovation? I just do not see it, nor do I hear from Nintendo even speaking about it! It’s quite disturbing how they can go from being one of the best consoles known, to becoming one of the least talked about consoles out.

In the meantime, I have really been focusing a lot of attention on playing my Xbox. Sure, I still play the Wii from time to time, but come on, have they come out with anything new or relevant in the past couple of years? Hmmmmmm… Not really.

I will say this, though, Mario games, on the 64 and even on the Wii are still some of my favorite games… without a doubt. This also goes along with Legend of Zelda. Still an all time favorite. Well, what are your favorite games currently? I would really love to know. Lately, it’s been sports games like Madden for me, and I still play the occasional counter strike 1.6 on the PC…. Yeah, obviously I still like to keep it old school even with PC games. Heck, I still like to play the Gameboy. I’d prefer the Gameboy over the PSP any day of the week honestly. (I know, this may absolutely shock you lol).

Well, I would love to hear from the community. Until then I am going to go to the local Barnes and noble and check out magazines and see what else is new in the gaming community. Look forward to hearing from you guys and have an awesome Tuesday!